Let’s unfold the hidden magic

Creativity and imagination are the two unfolded characteristics within human being. All of us know the famous story of a wealthy man living near river Indus who spoiled his wealth for discovery of diamonds which were in fact laying few feet below his own farm. Its time to think whether we are like him, searching for diamonds of success which are present within our self? We have such diamonds which can provide us the life of our own imagination provided, we should take opportunities to explore and unfold these diamonds in the form of research and discoveries. Opportunities never appears or come in our way! Rather, they always exists at every turn and stops in our life. They are always present within and around us. With the aim of transforming this unimagined imagination to the world, Resincap Journal of Science & Engineering provides an opportunity of platform for the publication of Research papers in the field of Science and Engineering. Get this opportunity to discover the diamonds of research with Resincap.
The Resincap Journal of Science and Engineering invites authors to submit their original results of work encompassing all aspects and unpublished research work in the field of Science & Engineering.